1. Prize in the international Rizzardo Bino Competition 2022


Winner of the Concerto Competition 2022 in Italy 2022

Laureate of the International American Young Musician Award" in summer 2021


2nd prize at the international 2021 American Music Talent Competition.

A total of over 30 countries were represented at this year's competition.  
The competition was hosted by the American Youth Musician Union, a non-profit organization dedicated to classical music from its beginnings to the present. The international competition is open to students and professional soloists, ensembles and small orchestras of all nationalities



1st prize at the international "CONCOUR JEUNESS TALENTS" in Paris 2020

The annual competition is one of the most prestigious international violin competitions in France. There, Lewin Creuz prevailed against 20 participants between 16 and 30 years of age from all over the world, who had to qualify in a preselection.